The Celebrations have begun!

It was just a short 60 years ago when South Surrey and White Rock Art Society started. At that time it was a painting and sketching club! It makes one wonder, what will we be in another 20 years! Thanks to the work of ALL of our wonderful members, we are now one of the largest painting groups in the Lower Mainland, ! As one of our past presidents would say “Well done, You!”

As we celebrate our 60th Anniversary, we would also like to thank the public for their support year in and year out. For the encouragement that you gave our artist.

Come and see!

South Surrey and White Rock Art Society is a community of Artists Sharing their passion for Art, Art Education, and the Promotion of our Society at Large.

What’s Happening?

      Sixty Years and still going!

      It was over sixty years ago, that a group of "Artists" got together and formed what was to become White Rock Painting and Sketch Club in 1962 and later know as the South Surrey and White Rock Art Society. Today they are one of the largest art groups in the Lower Mainland and have a waiting list of over one hundred people.

      History 1959 to 1977

      History 1978 to 1992

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    We are an extremely active club and here is what we are doing and where to find out about it. (Click on the red text for more information)

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    Artists use an amazing array of techniques to produce everything from landscapes and still life to portraits.