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What’s Happening?

      Zoom Ready?

      Do not expect Zoom just to work!  If you plan on taking a class or just using
      it, test it first.  I started using
      computers when there was no keyboard, just punch cards, so I have a little
      experience!  I have used to computer to connect
      to clients around the world with little problems.  This week it all caught up to me when I was
      using Zoom!  I joined the Board Zoom meeting
      using my desktop and discovered the webcam did not work.  I had moved from Windows 7 to windows 10 some
      years ago and the webcam only worked on Windows 7.  I then realized that there was no microphone attached,
      so I could only listen and watch the meeting. 
      Maybe that was the reason it was a quick meeting!  I tried my laptop and by the end of the meeting
      I got it to work.  I am now getting ready
      for my wife Sandy to do a Zoom Art lesson, so I have been checking which of my
      3 desktops and 4 laptops is best for her. 
      The answer is, I will be purchasing some new hardware!  The laptops that I do have with built in webcams
      seem to have problems with the speakers or the microphone.

      What I thought was going to be a breeze, was anything
      but!  Be smarter than your webmaster and
      check to see you can Zoom with your computer now!  Then, Zoom a friend and do some art work

      Wayne Wagstaff

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      May 2020 Challenge

      Well without regular meetings, it has been a challenge to come up with a Challenge, but we have! The "May be at home challenge". Due to the high cost of doing this on the internet there will be no prizes!

      Hopefully you will enjoy the time you spend on it while you think of the rest of us, wishing we could be together to share the experience. 

      The subject of the challenge is open. I had thought of doing something on Covid-19 like a boot stepping on it or have it in the background of the painting.  Others have suggested something springy like roses.  Choose whatever will put a smile on your face and you will enjoy doing. 

      You can post your painting on our up on the web site, to Facebook page (South Surrey & White Rock Art Society) or email it to Webmaster@ArtSociety.ca by May 31, 2020. 
            For questions/concerns, please contact Wayne Wagstaff, Webmaster webmaster@artsociety.ca

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      Sofia and Lola.jpeg
      Sofia and Lola.jpeg
      A painting of Sofia and Lola, Li son’s dogs-in-law. We were in Bali visiting them when this all hit and had to come home after nine days instead of 28. Hard to leave all of them behind, but their pups make me smile!
      Anna V Kopcok -  Oceanside
      Anna V Kopcok - Oceanside
      One of my latest works....Oceanside, 18x24, Oil on gallery wrap.
      Mt Cheam in Fall
      Mt Cheam in Fall
      Mt. Cheam in Falll 8" x 10" acrylic on canvas
      Olivia Burage.jpg
      Olivia Burage.jpg
      Had a lovely surprise as I took a chance while using up some left over paints on this 10"X10" fluid acrylic on canvas. I wasn't really sure if the colors would work without getting muddy... I quite like how it worked out, so I'm naming this one...." A Kind Surprise "
      Catherine Brown.jpg
      Catherine Brown.jpg
      Plein air session on the patio
      Painted by Norm. 42x42 oil on canvas
      Georgeadis, Jennifer -Play_of_Light
      Georgeadis, Jennifer -Play_of_Light
      I love my work as an artist because it allows me the freedom to play, to work intuitively with whatever art media suits my purpose, to really look at the world around me, and to challenge myself by always learning and tackling new things. In every piece I create I strive to share with the viewer both the spirit of a captured moment in time and the tactile expressiveness of the materials used.
      Tynehead Saw.jpg
      Tynehead Saw.jpg
      The life cycle of a salmon painted on an old saw for the Tynehead Hatchery.

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      How to Join a Meeting with Zoom

      Here is an application that the schools are using that allow teachers to connect with their students and carry on classes. It is called Zoom and we will be using it. We hope you will find it easy to use and have fun with it. To help you, we have a link to a Youtube video Joining a Zoom Call for the First Time; Fun and Easy Online Connection . Just click it and start watching.

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      Try your own meeting or get together!

      You may want to try your own meeting, by connecting with artists, friends or family. Give it a try, it is free but only for 40 minutes, then your meeting is dropped unless the host is a paid member. The Society will be a paid host, so you can join us and stay on as long as we want. Members may be able to use the Society's Paid account for unlimited get together if we can work out a method to control it. If you want more information on running your own meeting click here How to use Zoom for Remote and Online learning. Enjoy

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