Cara Guri – Creative Animal Portraits – May 16 – June 20, 2019 – 15 spaces open

Cara Guri – Creative Animal Portraits

Six Sessions 2 1/2 hours each
Class Dates: May 16, 23, 30 and June 6, 13 & 20
Time: 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Please arrive at 6:15 to help to set up the studio
You are expected to help set up and clean up the studio
Open to 15 Members Only

Course Description

Learn about capturing textures, representing form, blending and shading in this class while making a creative animal portrait of your choosing. Explore composition, colour, contrast, layering, glazing, and how to capture textures such as fur and feathers. This class will teach you the steps of creating an underpainting, blocking in the colour layer and adding the finishing touches with glazing. Throughout the course, we will discuss both realistic technique and more playful and interpretive options for making an imaginative painting that is uniquely yours. Students may work at their own pace and can choose to focus on one larger more detailed painting or several smaller faster pieces depending on their preference.

Supplies to Bring

  1. Acrylic Paints : You will be selecting which animals you would like to paint, so colour choices will vary depending on that, but a useful palette may include:
    • titanium white
    • ivory or mars black
    • burnt sienna
    • burnt umber
    • raw umber
    • ultramarine blue
    • cadmium red
    • cadmium yellow
    • phthalo blue
    • phthalo or viridian green
    • yellow ochre
    • alizarin crimson permanent (or alternative crimson)
    • acrylic glazing medium
    Feel free to bring any other acrylic colours you may find useful.
  2. Brushes: A variety of soft and firm brushes in a range of sizes. I personally prefer working with rounds and filberts, though some flats can be useful too. Recommended brush sizes from 0-8 (or larger). Bristles should ideally have some spring to them (such as Opus Legato Brushes) and not be too soft or floppy.
  3. Canvas or Panel: Please bring a primed painting surface (either canvas or panel is fine) on which to paint. Animal choice will be up to each student so the size is flexible. Suggested sizes include 16”x20”, 18”x24” and 20”x20”, but feel free to pick a different size as well. If you are a fast painter you may wish to purchase more than one.
  4. Palette and water container: A larger size palette is useful for having plenty of room to mix colours
  5. Animal Reference Images: If there is a specific animal that you wish to paint, please bring a higher quality print to class. Otherwise, there will be some animal reference images available for use during class time.

Thursday evening classes are NOT run on a drop-in basis. Those that sign up for these classes are expected to attend each of the nights the class is offered. Once you have signed up please make note of the class(es) you have signed up for. A reminder email will go out in advance of the class BUT please be sure to make note of all classes you sign up for.

If, after you have signed up for the classes you find that you can not attend please notify the workshop chair as soon as possible so that someone on the waitlist or another member can take advantage of this wonderful learning opportunity offered to the SSWR Art Society members.

Please Note: If the course is full please submit your name to be added to the waitlist. If a spot becomes available you will be notified.

If you have ANY questions or have to cancel please contact Jacqui at and not the instructor. Thank you!