Demo Sept 11, 2017 – Learn to use the News Media to promote your art

Informing the media about your art show, art event or award is an excellent way to increase your exposure as an artist – and it’s cost-free! Submitting a News Release to a publication is the standard format, and doing it properly increases the chance of your news being published. Editors often receive news items difficult to reproduce and/or missing vital information. This creates more work for an editor to find the information and re-type the submittal. And as a result, the item may not be published. Eve Lees, a former newspaper editor and current editor of The Artist’s Journal, shows you how to prepare and submit a News Release. Lees is also a Graphic Designer and she includes tips to design your own newspaper advertisements or posters. These are also valuable promotional tools to know. You’ll be shown basic graphic design methods and a few ‘subliminal’ tricks Graphic Designers use to capture and hold a viewer’s attention. The course content is designed for individual artists as well as Art Clubs.