Dent In Your Canvas?

Have you ever had the misfortune to pull out a painting only to discover that it’s been leaning against another and developed a large dent? One of the tips Michael Schlicting shared with me was the use of ‘Tight’n’Up’ Canvas Re-tensioner. He was very impressed with how it removed even quite large dents.

‘Tight’n’Up’ liquid canvas re-tensioner solves the problem of how to repair a loose stretched canvas. This new liquid technology solves most of the typical canvas tension problems due to variations in humidity and temperature. ‘Tight’n’Up’ helps remove or improve any previous sagging, wrinkles or ripples leaving the canvas taut and tight. It dries to a clear finish that will not affect the look of the piece.

Simply spray onto the back of a stretched canvas. It will cause the canvas to shrink and increase canvas tension. Apply to the entire back surface or only the affected canvas areas. ‘Tight’n’Up’ will not harm the canvas, gesso, or typical artists’ paints. It works best on cotton, linen or other natural fibre canvases but is not recommended for use on polyester-based canvas, oil primed canvas, inkjet printed canvas or gicleé prints. It is archival in quality and acid-free and is available at most art supplies stores and online.