Draw & Paint Village Street Scenes with Tony O’Regan in acrylic

6 nights,   Aug 8 to Sept 12,   2019, 6:30 to 9 pm        Visit www.toregan.com

Learn to Draw and Paint Village Scenes, using basic one and two-point Perspective for Buildings and Spaces and learn to draw and paint small scale figures in context. We should be able to do at least 2 paintings, depending on the participants skills.

Recommended Materials for Acrylic:

PLEASE NOTE FIRST: Let’s draw for the first class, to deal with perspective and to sketch the scenes we will paint. – You should have a soft pencil (2B or 4B) and sharpener for the first session.

Other materials including paper will be provided by the instructor for the first session, and we can then discuss what you may need in future sessions.

2 Brushes: one flat  for shapes ¾” to 1” ; one point (also called a round) for details   #6 or #8 – Please try to get a decent quality – not Dollar Store. Check out Crayola Brushes at Staples – cheap and pretty good!

6 Paint tube colours  (shown in order of preference):  ONE RED (alizarin or rose madder or quinochridon or crimson), ONE YELLOW (cad yellow medium or lemon yellow or hansa),  ONE BLUE (ultramarine), ONE GREEN (viridian or pthalo), ONE BLACK (very small tube – any black), ONE WHITE ( large tube titanium only)

Pencil HB

A palette with large wash compartments is good – BUT – several large flat white Styrofoam plates will work also and don’t need cleanup.A small spritzer fine spray bottle;  One bottle of matte acrylic medium – let’s discuss first;   Two canvasses 16 x 20 (or your preference) ; Roll of paper towels. ;  Water containers will be provided.