Monthly Demos for 2017-2018

Here’s the schedule of guest artists for our 2016-2017 season. Wayne Wagstaff  our ProgramCoordinator, has done a fine job of securing these talented artists to share their knowledge with us. Mark your calendar so you don’t miss any of the demos.  Wayne is looking for suggestions from our members.  So if you know of someone you would like to do a demo please contact him.
   If you click on the artists name in red, it takes you to their website for perusal.

Monday Jan 9, 2017, Randy Green, Framing  Your Work  Frame Right Picture Frames Web Site

Monday Feb  20, 2017, Wendy Mould, Marketing You and Your Art

Monday March 13, 2017, Joanne Hastie, The Creative Process

Monday April 10, 2017, Jane Appleby, Dynamic Composition in Painting,

Monday May 8, 2017, Bryan Coombes, Plein Air,

Monday Sept 11, 2017,

Monday Oct 16, 2017, Shari Pratt, Golden A-Z Acrylic

Monday Nov 20, 2017, Lalita Hamill, Critiques,

Monday Jan  8, 2018, Eve Lees,  Learn to use the News Media to promote your art,


More Detail on Monthly Meeting Demos

    Demo Oct 16th 2017

    Come enjoy a free presentation about Acrylic Paints from A to Z. The GOLDEN Acrylic Lecture Demo is a fun, fast-paced informative lecture covering a technical review of acrylics and their varied application possibilities. The lecture includes information about the various types of acrylic paints and mediums that GOLDEN has to offer and their numerous application possibilities. Enrich your understanding of acrylics, learn basic tips for how to extend paint to save money and how to mix paints with gels and pastes to create exciting textures. There's is something for everyone. Discover the possibilities and become inspired with these fabulous materials and learn some fresh new ideas that can be added to your own creative process. We will also cover some of GOLDEN's newest products: "QoR" watercolours and Williamsburg Handmade Oil Paints. All participants will receive a free information packet, hand-painted color charts and a bag of free Golden product samples to take home! 

    Shari Pratt is a Canadian born artist who works predominantly in the medium of painting, but often includes found photography and artefacts in her installations. Pratt completed her Master of Fine Arts at the Vermont College of Fine Arts and her Bachelor of Art Education Major from the University of British Columbia. She attended Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and British Columbia Institute of Technology taking courses in visual arts and graphic design. Pratt has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout BC, Canada, and the United States. She has won many awards including the Alex Colville Award for Excellence in Acrylic Painting and the British Columbia Arts Council Scholarship Award. Pratt is the Golden Artist Colors Working Artist for the Province of British Columbia. Pratt is currently interested in how memory functions and how we store and recall memories of our past.

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    Demo Sept 11, 2017 - Learn to use the News Media to promote your art

    Informing the media about your art show, art event or award is an excellent way to increase your exposure as an artist – and it’s cost-free! Submitting a News Release to a publication is the standard format, and doing it properly increases the chance of your news being published. Editors often receive news items difficult to reproduce and/or missing vital information. This creates more work for an editor to find the information and re-type the submittal. And as a result, the item may not be published. Eve Lees, a former newspaper editor and current editor of The Artist’s Journal, shows you how to prepare and submit a News Release. Lees is also a Graphic Designer and she includes tips to design your own newspaper advertisements or posters. These are also valuable promotional tools to know. You’ll be shown basic graphic design methods and a few ‘subliminal’ tricks Graphic Designers use to capture and hold a viewer’s attention. The course content is designed for individual artists as well as Art Clubs.




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