Thursday Night Classes

South Surrey White Rock Art Society Thursday Night Classes are for MEMBERS ONLY.
These classes are Free to members but with Limited Enrollment! Come to join us and learn!

Thursday night is our painting and fun nights. Come to join us and learn!

Classes are Thursdays evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the South Surrey Recreation and Arts Centre, Visual Arts Room, 14601 20th Avenue, Surrey.

Attendees are expected to

  • Arrive at 6:15 pm to help set up and get yourself set up and ready for class.
  • Refrain from wearing any scented products like perfume, cologne/aftershave, scented hand creams, etc. as many people have sensitives to these products in the class or at our monthly meetings (please save those for your date nights!).
  • Assist with the take down at the end of the class

For all Thursday night classes, you must pre-register. This can be done in one of two ways –
1. by email at providing the following information
Name / Phone number / Email address / Class Name / Class Dates
2. by signing up at the meeting and providing your Name, email and phone number

Thursday evening classes are NOT run on a drop-in basis. Those that sign up for these classes are expected to attend each of the nights the class is offered. Once you have signed up please make note of the class(es) you have signed up for. A reminder email will go out in advance of the class BUT please be sure to make note of all classes you sign up for.

Please familiarize yourself with the society’s refund policy and review the workshop/classroom courtesies posted the website.

If, after you have signed up for the classes you find that you can not attend please notify the workshop chair as soon as possible so that someone on the waitlist or another member can take advantage of this wonderful learning opportunity offered to the SSWR Art Society members.

Please Note: If the course is full please submit your name to be added to the waitlist. If a spot becomes available you will be notified.

If you have ANY questions or have to cancel please contact the Thursday Class coordinator, Jacqui Tremblay at and not the instructor. Thank you!

Upcoming classes:


    Salish Secre

    (Beginners welcome) In this set of classes I will be revisiting the usual subjects—colour mixing, using a limited palette of colours, using glazes, painting skies, etc. I will also demonstrate how to protect your artwork when finished, how to create monotypes, and how to play with acrylic ‘skins’ to produce a mixed media piece.  We will also touch on painting abstract. I’ll do a demo at the beginning of each class and then provide one on one help if needed. Participants can work on their own subjects and I will be available to give my two-cents worth if asked. We may do some loosening-up exercises too. Oh, and we’ll have FUN!

    Supply List
    Acrylic paints
    Bring the colours you like to use.

    This should be large! The smaller your palette the more
    restricted you will feel. I recommend the large Masterson Stay-Wet palette (I’m
    not getting paid to promote this, but I do think it’s an investment). A few
    LARGE clean Styrofoam meat trays will do at a pinch.

    LARGE! You need to have plenty of water on hand when
    painting with acrylics. Old Tupperware containers (square or round, make sure
    they’re deep enough) can be found at thrift stores, or plastic ones are
    available at dollar stores. Little yoghurt containers won’t do. I use empty
    rectangular dish-washer tablet containers or large rectangular yoghurt

    Bring your usual brushes and make sure to bring some large ones. Man-made fibre
    brushes (not hog’s hair or natural hair) are the best to use with acrylics.

    Canvas Size is your choice.

    reference photos
    Subject is your choice.

    Extras A roll of paper towel or blue shop towel (available at
    Canadian Tire and Home Depot). I prefer shop towel as it is stronger than paper
    Water spritzer - You will need to spray your paints (or your canvas)
    occasionally to keep them moist.

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