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Lalita Hamill Critique April 15, 2019

Lalita Hamill will Critique for our Demo at our Meeting on

April 15, 2019

The first 25 people to sign up for the critique will be the only people who will have a critique at this monthly meeting.  Only one painting per member.

I will take 5 extra members on a waiting list.  You will be advised if you are on the list or waiting list.  If there is extra time, these five extras will be critiqued. But I must advise you they may not be critiqued if you are in the last five.  It depends on time.


For Sign Up, Carole Milne,

It is interesting to learn from critiques.  Here is what Lalita has to say about the critique.

The rate at which we grow as artists and the artistic path we choose is largely dependent on feedback we receive. Whether this feedback is from within, comments from family and friends, awards, declines from juried shows, or number of sales, we rarely find out why our work was considered successful or not.

Unfortunately, the term “critique” has a negative connotation, instilling feelings of anxiety, apprehension and inadequacy. A critique is an oral or written discussion strategy used to analyze, describe, and interpret works of art. If someone claiming to provide honest feedback is personally attacking or being tactless, unkind, or cruel, this is not a critique. A critique provides honest and encouraging feedback, requiring both the knowledge and sensitivity of the critiquer and openness and curiosity of the artist.  She will discuss the following:

What to look for or possibly receive from a critique

Advice from others

Perspective of the critiquer

Things to remember

What to do next

Coast Capital Playhouse Exhibition

Press Release

The South Surrey & White Rock Art Society presents The Coast Capital Playhouse Exhibition and Sale of Paintings, January 12, 2019, to the middle of April. This is an ongoing rotating art exhibition of paintings located in the lobby of the Playhouse located at 1532 Johnston Road, White Rock, BC. Tuesday to Saturday 1:00 – 5:00 pm. Phone: 604-536-7535. All paintings on display are for sale.

Participating artists are:
Pat Wolczuk, Norm Carriere, Sylvie Peltier, Eileen Fong, Catherine Brown, Madeline Stuart, Jess Rice, Brenda Mickleburgh, Carole Milne, Peter Klemm, Marie Song, Catherine Robertson, Tammy Bailey, Mindy Hardiman, Marilyn Kelm, Linda Morris and Shelly Stuart playhouse.htm

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