Lisa Ochowycz – Fall in Love with Abstraction – April 14 & 15, 2018

Fall in Love with Abstraction with Lisa Ochowycz (Acrylics only)
2 day workshop – April 14 & 15, 2018
11 spots open

Registration opens October 25th, 2017

Cost: Member $225.00 / Non Member $250.00

Maximum of 16 people in class so register early

Enjoy acrylic painting, creative process, and personal expression in a relaxed, supportive, and inspirational environment.

Fall in Love with Abstraction

For the more experienced painter looking to delve into the realm of abstraction and add looseness to their work.

This two day workshop will be a mix of formal instruction, discussion, exercises and time to explore. We will touch on the basics of acrylic painting, colour mixing, mark making and the versatility of acrylic paint but will focus on creative process, common stumbling blocks and strengthening your artistic voice.

Day One:

First 2.15 hour block – Doing:
Material exploration – how material choice informs the creative process

Second 2.15 hour block – Abstracting:
Exercises geared at softening the boundary between realism and abstraction

Day Two:

First 2.15 hour block – Seeing:
Observing, translating, and interpretation – how keen observation can add depth to you work

Second 2.15 hour block – Editing:
Getting it all out and then choosing what to keep
*Materials to be provided by the students

Things to think about:
*Artists whose work you admire, who inspires you
*Specific questions about painting
*Stumbling blocks and challenge

Supply List
Please note there are many different price points and quality levels for art supplies. For this course materials should be chosen based on your budget, the desire to work with them, and you would feel free to explore, experiment, and play with them.

Acrylic Paint:
A good variety, making sure to include some of your favourites as well as a white, black, blue, red, and yellow to allow for experiments
in colour mixing.

You are welcome to bring some mediums to class if they are part of your process, however they are not mandatory.

Brushes & Tools:
Variety is key, including both brushes and palette knives. Bring along whatever you most commonly use or have questions about.

Painting Surfaces:
Canvas, panels or paper – whichever you most like to work on. If you’d like to work on pieces larger than 36″x36″ please check in beforehand.

Painting clothes or apron – things might get messy!

Something to mix paint on – a piece of plexi glass, palette, or disposable palette pad

A sketchbook/pad and some drawing instruments (pencils):
Please make sure the sketchbook/pad can take mixed media/acrylic paint, as we will be using it for both sketching and painting exercises.

Water container – such a s yogurt, plastic container, mason jar

Tip: A blue ikea bag, basket, tool box, or sturdy fabric bag can be helpful when moving things to and from class.

Looking forward to working with you!

Weekend Workshop Lisa Ochowycz - April 14 & 15, 2018

  • April 14 & 15, 2018 Arrive at 9:30 to set up for 10am - 4:30pm
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    Alternatively, a member may register at a monthly meeting providing a completed registration form, downloaded from the website, HERE, along with a cheque for the full amount made out to the South Surrey White Rock Art Society. This must be given to either the Workshop Chair, Violet Smythe or the Society Treasurer, Thelma Newbury. Once your registration is processed you will receive an email confirming your spot. Please note that this is done automatically with PayPal registration/payment.