Members’ Portfolio

With over 200 members of varying skill level creating artwork in oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media, the array of vision and diversity of perspective is remarkable.  Please take a few moments to peruse some of the beautiful work created.  Click on the picture, to link over to the artist’s site (if they have one).  To get back, please press the go back arrow (top left corner of screen)

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Anderson, Doris - Selflessness
Herder, Reet - Evening Glory
Newell, Veronica - Kiwanis Park
Yang, Chiao-Chiao - Coast Symphony
Lees, Eve  -  Wedding Day
Van Oss, Barbara - Call of the Wild
Whitlock, Carol A. - Underwater Delights
Caufield, Lee - Hayfield with Hawk
Carrie Nicole -  The Bartlett Sisters
Brown, Catherine - Edible...mmm
Kelm, Marilyn - Wild West Dance
Perez, Susan - Spooning