Well Done You!

As a society of over 200 members, we have a wide variety of skill levels, but we all have one thing in common! We all get excited about our art! For some, it is the first painting, the first sale, when someone says “I like that!”, or when you get an artist award. I would like you to send us, your story of joy, so we can all share it. It can be just a line or two, a picture of your art and a note, or a formal write up.

Catherine Robertson was accepted into Mondiale Art in France  РWell Done You!

    The view of Sea to Sky Gondola - Story of Success!

    Hello to all artist members of SSWRAS,
    My painting 'The view of Sea to Sky Gondola' has won the second place in the
    juried art exhibition "2019 Scenes from Western Canada" and now is
    displaying at the FCA Gallery on Granville Island. Please check the information
    through the link below:

    Because I did not received any email that announced the award information in
    advance until I went there to visit the art show and then found the surprise to
    me. Sorry about the kind of rush information.
    The juried art exhibition is keep going until Sept. 15th.
    Time & Hours: September 02-15, open 7 days a week, 

            Monday-Saturday, 10:00 to 5:00 PM, 

       Sunday, 10:00 to 3:00 PM

    Location: FCA Gallery, 1241 Cartwright street, Vancouver

    There is no opening reception. Sincerely welcome all artist
    members to visit the show. Hope that you all will enjoy the luxurious art trip
    and the beautiful scenery on Granville Island. Please let me know what you
    think and welcome any critique or opinion to me, thanks a lot to you all! 

    Best wishes,

    Chiao Chiao Yang

    Visual Artist

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