Thursday – Amy Dyck May 14/21/28 June 4/11/18

Rendering Hands and Feet with Confidence with Amy J. Dyck

 6 WEEKS – MAY 14 – JUNE 18, 2020

MEDIUM TYPE: Charcoal—for Beginner or Intermediate

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Many artists struggle to render hands and feet accurately. This can result in attempts to hide those parts of an image, or “blur” them so the weakness becomes less obvious… but that never quite works. Join us in understanding the  basic structures of hands and feet and learn how to begin to render them with confidence! No more hiding.

With a focus on repetition, proportion, shape, and angles, we will create many drawings of hands and feet in different angles and begin to fall in love with rendering these complex and beautiful body parts.


-Generals Charcoal pencils (the orange ones) 2 of each 2B, 4B, 6B

-Utility knife to sharpen pencils

-Fine sand paper for sharpening

-Vine charcoal


-Kneadable eraser

-solid eraser

-a pad of sketchbook paper (nothing expensive or precious)

-easel (important – we will be working upright)

-a drawing board (16”x20” or so to mount references)

-masking tape


-palette knife for mixing paint

-charcoal powder

-piece of cotton fabric for smearing charcoal


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