Tony O’Regan – Figurative drawing – Jan 10 – Feb 14, 2019 – 15 spaces open

Tony O’Regan – Figurative drawing

Six Sessions 2 1/2 hours each
Class Dates: Jan 10, 17, 24, 31 and Feb 7 & 14
Time: 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Please arrive at 6:15 to help to set up the studio
You are expected to help set up and clean up the studio
Open to 15 Members Only

Registration for the January session will open on November 19th, 2018 at our Monthly Meeting to allow non-email registrants the same opportunity time frame as email registrants.

The goal is to help you create an ‘internal model’. That is, to be able to draw a constructed human figure, front, side, ¾ views based on a knowledge of proportion, basic forms of body masses and facial features. In addition, we will look at poses, such as walking, standing, sitting, reclining, fitting into a composition context, such as a street, room or plaza, basic clothing. This will help you to draw from memory, imagination, reference sources and from life. We will use slides rather than a live model, so everyone gets a good seat. Beginners will get the essentials that they need and more advanced people will find much useful info also.


  1. learn to draw and manipulate the generalized ‘head/neck form” (then, rotate to all angles)
  2. learn to draw the 4 feature groups, eye, ear, nose, mouth (then, all angles)
  3. learn to proportionately place the feature groups ON the head-form (then, all angles)


  1. learn to proportionately draw and manipulate the generalized ‘figure-form” then, all angles)
  2. learn to map the anatomy on the figure-form (then, all angles)
  3. learn to draw the 3 detail areas: head/neck (as above), hands, and feet (then, all angles)

Materials are fairly simple – You should have a soft pencil (2B or 4B) and sharpener for the first session.
Other materials including paper will be provided by the instructor for the first session, and we can then discuss what you may need in future sessions.

Thursday evening classes are NOT run on a drop-in basis. Those that sign up for these classes are expected to attend each of the nights the class is offered. Once you have signed up please make note of the class(es) you have signed up for. A reminder email will go out in advance of the class BUT please be sure to make note of all classes you sign up for.

If, after you have signed up for the classes you find that you can not attend please notify the workshop chair as soon as possible so that someone on the waitlist or another member can take advantage of this wonderful learning opportunity offered to the SSWR Art Society members.

Please Note: If the course is full please submit your name to be added to the waitlist. If a spot becomes available you will be notified.

If you have ANY questions or have to cancel please contact Jacqui at and not the instructor. Thank you!