Marney-Rose Edge – Animal Cracker – Watercolour Pet Portraiture, Aug. 26 & 27, 2017 – 4 spots open

Animal Cracker – Watercolour Pet Portraiture, Aug. 26 & 27, 2017 – 4 spots open

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Saturday August 26 and Sunday August 27,  2017
 arrive at 9:30 to set up and be ready for 10am until 4:00 pm
Register by June 30, 2017 for the early membership rate
South Surrey Recreation and Arts Center, Visual Arts Room 14601 20th Avenue, Surrey, B.C. V4A 9P5

Open to Members and Non-Members

Marney-Rose Edge

Join me in capturing a realistic, loose version of your favourite pet, bird or wild animal in watercolour.  I will guide you through sketching to painting and bringing them to life with an easy method of painting eyes.


Bring what paints you have. I’m not requiring you to purchase more paint. These are the colors I use.  Quinacradone Gold (Winsor & Newton) New Gamboge (Winsor & Newton or Holbein) Yellow Ochre or Yellow Oxide Permanent Rose (Winsor & Newton) Scarlet lake (either Holbein or Winsor and Newton) Brown Madder -any brand Permanent Alizarin Crimson (Holbein or DaVinci) Mineral Violet (Holbein) Manganese Blue Hue Cerulean Blue Lavender – Holbien Cobolt Blue (Holbein) Phthalo Blue (Da Vinci) it is a green shade but the label does not state. Windsor Blue (Green Shade) is a substitute French Ultramarine  Blue (Winsor and Newton) Or Ultramarine Blue Paynes Grey (Winsor & Newton) Quin. Burnt Orange (Daniel Smith) or Burnt Sienna by Winsor and Newton. Masking Fluid (I use Pebeo Drawing Gum)- not essential rubber cement lifter

Brushes are an assortment of rounds typically #6, 12,  16 and a 3/4″ flat  # 4 Chisel Blender  for eyes and lifting fur, (Heinz Jordan or Expressions by Robert Simmons)  again bring what you have.  Paper ½ sheet Arches 140 lb or 300lb and board appropriate. Masking tape Paper towels, water bucket, 2 b pencil,  Hairdryer.  Reference photos.

Bring a lunch and anything you would like to drink …or you can pick up a lunch, or drinks from Sources Café located in the building.  Open 8am – 4pm on weekends….

Early Pre-register Members up to, June 30, 2017  $ 130.
Members after June 30, 2017  $150.
Non-Members  $175.

Class Size (Limited to 15):  Participants will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. You are not assured a place in the workshop until your payment is received.  The best way is PayPal. Please pay by PayPal through the South Surrey and White Art Society website. You do not need to have a PayPal Account to pay this way. When you click submit at the bottom of the form give the system a few minutes to change from our website to the PayPal website where you can pay by Visa or Master Card. IF YOU SIGN UP FOR A WEEKEND WORKSHOP DURING OUR MONTHLY MEETINGS PLEASE GIVE THE CHEQUE FOR THE WORKSHOP TO Violet Smythe THAT NIGHT, INDICATING WHICH COURSE IT IS FOR, YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED FOR THE WORKSHOP UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. Do not give any money if you are on the waiting list you will be contacted if there is a vacancy.

Weekend Workshop, Marney-Rose Edge, Aug. 26 & 27, 2017

  • August 26 & 27, 2017 Arrive at 9:30 to set up for 10am - 4:30pm
  • If you wish to pay for a course with a cheque or cash please sign up at the monthly meeting, give to Carole indicating which course you are signing up for. DO NOT MAIL. We strongly advise you to use PayPal. Only hit the submit button once and wait a few minutes for PayPal to come up. They accept Visa or MasterCard.