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Wayne Wagstaff

Most of Wayne’s life has been on the West Coast enjoying the outdoors and it shows in his works.  As a boy, he spent summers at Sprout Lake, the falls Salmon fishing and the rest of his time with the Boy Scouts.  At seventeen, he got his first taste of travel and went to the 4th Nippon Boy Scout Jamboree in Japan. He brought over 300 pictures of his trip home.  Little did he know his camera would someday be replaced by his brush! After graduating from university he moved around a little and then with his wife Sandra and their two children Michael and Kristin settled in Surrey.  The summers still meant camping and some fishing!

As he approached retirement, he started restoring old vehicles which including painting them!   On one vacation with his wife Sandra, she got him to try oil painting.  He started painting old cars onto canvas and then moved to painting birds, fish and other outdoor life!  He has now been drawn back to painting old metal again, but this time it is the old hand saws that interest him.  He is now restoring these old carpenters and loggers saws and using them as his canvas.  These saws are now hanging from the west coast of Vancouver Island to Newfoundland.  He has a 60 inch, two men bucking saw showing the life cycle of the Pacific Salmon at the Little Campbell Fish Hatchery’s Education Centre.

13787 63A Ave

Surrey, BC, V3X 1E6

604 591-5797

Zoom Ready?

Do not expect Zoom just to work!  If you plan on taking a class or just using it, test it first.  I started using computers when there was no keyboard, just punch cards, so I have a little experience!  I have used to computer to connect to clients around the world with little problems.  This week it all caught up to me when I was using Zoom!  I joined the Board Zoom meeting using my desktop and discovered the webcam did not work.  I had moved from Windows 7 to windows 10 some years ago and the webcam only worked on Windows 7.  I then realized that there was no microphone attached, so I could only listen and watch the meeting.  Maybe that was the reason it was a quick meeting!  I tried my laptop and by the end of the meeting I got it to work.  I am now getting ready for my wife Sandy to do a Zoom Art lesson, so I have been checking which of my 3 desktops and 4 laptops is best for her.  The answer is, I will be purchasing some new hardware!  The laptops that I do have with built in webcams seem to have problems with the speakers or the microphone.

What I thought was going to be a breeze, was anything but!  Be smarter than your webmaster and check to see you can Zoom with your computer now!  Then, Zoom a friend and do some art work together!

Wayne Wagstaff

Try your own meeting or get together!

You may want to try your own meeting, by connecting with artists, friends or family. Give it a try, it is free but only for 40 minutes, then your meeting is dropped unless the host is a paid member. The Society will be a paid host, so you can join us and stay on as long as we want. Members may be able to use the Society’s Paid account for unlimited get together if we can work out a method to control it. If you want more information on running your own meeting click here How to use Zoom for Remote and Online learning. Enjoy

The Many Shapes of Water – Tony O’Regan – January 7 – 28

Classes on Thursday evenings, 7 to 9pm, via Zoom,   January 7 – January 28 – 2021

The Many Shapes of Water

Tony O’Regan’s demo will include many of the concepts needed in creating reflections in water, the light and shadow and dynamics of ocean waves and the necessary parts of streams and waterfalls. The demos will be mostly in acrylic on canvas or paper.

Tony O’Regan was born in Cork, Ireland in a house called Santa Lucia, built by his uncle, Mark, who sang with the great Joe Loss orchestra in the big band era. He grew up and was educated in Florida and in Canada. He graduated in Art and Architecture. He painted many paintings, designed many buildings, and taught art and design in universities for over 20 years. He drinks coffee at the Pelican and sketches the gulls as they ‘gyre and gimble’ in the waves by the great White Rock.

Tony continues to create a collection of hundreds of his demonstrations and teaching videos at (also known as ) as well as other useful content for artists, teachers, students and design school applicants.



Acrylics of ultramarine blue, hansa yellow, alizarin crimson, viridian green, titanium white, ivory black; Brushes one point #6 for detail and one flat chisel-type ¾ inch; one small natural sponge and a white vinyl eraser for texturing. If working in watercolor -Arches 140 lb watercolor paper taped to backing board.

The view of Sea to Sky Gondola – Story of Success!

Hello to all artist members of SSWRAS,
My painting ‘The view of Sea to Sky Gondola’ has won the second place in the juried art exhibition “2019 Scenes from Western Canada” and now is displaying at the FCA Gallery on Granville Island. Please check the information through the link below:

Because I did not received any email that announced the award information in advance until I went there to visit the art show and then found the surprise to me. Sorry about the kind of rush information.
The juried art exhibition is keep going until Sept. 15th.
Time & Hours: September 02-15, open 7 days a week, 

                        Monday-Saturday, 10:00 to 5:00 PM, 

                         Sunday, 10:00 to 3:00 PM

Location: FCA Gallery, 1241 Cartwright street, Vancouver

There is no opening reception. Sincerely welcome all artist members to visit the show. Hope that you all will enjoy the luxurious art trip and the beautiful scenery on Granville Island. Please let me know what you think and welcome any critique or opinion to me, thanks a lot to you all! 

Best wishes,

Chiao Chiao Yang

Visual Artist

How to Join a Meeting with Zoom

Here is an application that the schools are using that allow teachers to connect with their students and carry on classes. It is called Zoom and we will be using it. We hope you will find it easy to use and have fun with it. To help you, we have a link to a Youtube video Joining a Zoom Call for the First Time; Fun and Easy Online Connection . Just click it and start watching.

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Handy Tips for Acrylic Painters

All paint is a combination of a ‘glue’ and pigment. The glue in acrylic paint is a plastic consisting of microscopic spheres of polymer suspended in water. When the wa-ter evaporates as the paint dries the spheres come to-gether to bind the pigment. Make sure you use only a little water to thin your paints so the ratio of spheres to water is not diluted. This dilution can affect the paint’s bonding ability. Use Polymer Medium as a thinner in-stead.
Polymer Medium is available in Matte and Gloss and may also be used for glazes. Matte Medium is dull be-cause it contains a powder made of ground crustacea. The microscopic particles of the powder have jagged edges which hinder light refraction, thus giving a flat finish. Gloss Medium is clear and therefore shiny. Don’t use Matte Medium for thick or multi-layered glazes. The effect of the powder clouds the layers thus dulling the colours and forming a ’fogged’ appearance..